Questions and Answers

1. How do I get started?

a. Download the app 24 Days from Appstore and log in.

2. How do I log in?

a. Log in using your Google- or Facebook-account.

3. Who can I send the calendar to?

a. You can send the calendar to anyone who uses iPhone. You are asked to choose a recipient from your contact list once the calendar is ready to send.

4. How do I make a calendar?

a. Choose a day (each Christmas ball represent a day in December) and tap the ball to select this day.

b. When you are inside the day of your choice, you can choose to add your own photo, text or a pre-made Christmas card. Select Finished when you are happy with the content – this will take you back to the Christmas tree. Continue until all the days have content.

c. Press “OK” to select a phone number from your contact list.

d. An SMS will appear – this contains the link to the calendar you just made. You need to send the SMS before the advent calendar is on its way!

e. Please note that you cannot change the content of the calendar after it’s sent. Review your content before sending.

5. What does it cost?

a. The app is free. You pay per calendar you wish to send. You also have to send an SMS to the recipient so they can get their calendar. The cost of the SMS is between you and your mobile phone service provider.

6. How much time can I spend on a calendar?

a. We recommend that you finish the calendar in the one go. If you leave it for a long time you risk getting logged out and loose any content you already created. If you need to exit the app while making the calendar, just make sure you don’t close the app down completely!

7. Where can I get help?

a. You can click the question mark in the app for help. If you still have questions you can contact us at

8. Who can see my calendar?

a. You will have a copy of the calendars you have sent in your app. The person you sent it to will also have a copy on their phone after downloading it. We do not keep a copy of your calendars.

9. Can I send the same calendar to several people?

a. Unfortunately, in this version of the app you can only send the calendar to one person. We are working on a copy-function.

10. Can I add video?

a. In this version you cannot add video – photos and text only.

11. Why does it say “Not available”?

a. You must allow in-app purchases in order to create a calendar.

12. Why does the email have an .no address?

a. Funny you should ask. Because the app is made in the home country of Santa Clause, Norway.